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Cartoon USB warm hand masseur
The AO16 Ss massages the packing sheet
Pillow of massage of waist neck

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Material: ABS The name of product: USB masseur Product specification: 8*8*4.5cm Net weight: 13kg Gross weight: 14.5kg
Taiwan ROYAO massages the packing sheet and uses the shawl quinonoid formula design, the flexible amenity carries on the back the waist employment in the neck, can aim at your tired part.
The masseur of light waist neck most, the surface fabric of flocking, soft and comfortable, can be used in the massage of waist neck, it is strong to shake strength.
T-88 presses the pillow of warm massage gently
Shock massage mattress

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More Detail
The two-way time is massaged, press to the aching part. Warm massage feels more comfortable. Cut out to design overheatedly automatically.
Overwhelm whole body 8 points massage, including dither and warm up the function, the mattress uses the vellus material, soft amenity.
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