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LETS owe heavy wrist band
MES099 workout combines
The AD880 does exercise to keep fit chair

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Product distinguishing feature:can use for hand and foot, the weight has a 3 or 5 kgs(about 6 pounds or 10 pounds) respectively, energy further forging arm or the leg department muscle driving.
Product result:lately add to go together with the beta - pleated sheet ß type workout assembly, make to work out the range appliance whole body all fraction
Accept heavy can reach to a 260 kgs, can commit more forging workings, can pin up the buzzer to equal your full set workout assembly.
AD66 all-directions workout chair
AD33-Multi-function Fold exercisechair
BA-5010B is good for the body

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Product distinguishing feature:multi-function gather can work out, venter, leg, carry on the back.Can match with the buzzer.
It is convenient to be simple to fold and collect, the back of the chair keeps flat or puts and can use the dumbbell directly, many kinds of uses.
MES86 sits form parallel bars of the type are strong in the stature
Antiskid buzzer(40 KG)
Combine the silver steel buzzer(40KG)

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The result of the products: Forge chain highly to 225CM, improve, design, make fuselage to be firm not sitting while being newly-increased
MT Well ventilated Fitness Glove

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Product distinguishing feature:the back of the hand and vola use the not well acquainted with air toil cloth, which is durable and well ventilated.
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