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CF-88S Angle Fitness Bicycle
Fitness bicycle of GRK-002 back of the chair
The resistances GRK-002s do exercise to keep fit bicycle

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Product distinguishing feature:many angles adjust to compare and have erection type and lie-down quinonoid formula two greatest functions, match both to have the employment request.
Many angles are relatively adjusted, two major functions of possession. Can take oxygen to subdue the lipoprotein in Vertical type, lying horizontally can concentrate on forging the chain.
Effect:the entirety bring the oxidase amount of campaign: Medium, concentrate forging fraction:leg, sit to round, campaign quantity: High
K66 whole body campaign does exercise to keep fit bicycle
ABS7C the table Fitness cycling
IDE66 home movement bicycle

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Product effect:whole body band the oxidase exercise.In addition to band the oxidase eliminate a sterone, can work out top halfs like arm,etc several fractions, it is high, can break the overlay lodge -
The product distinguishing feature adds to establish the desktop design and helps you to exercise at the same time and gives attention to both other things, table's top width 23 cms
The movement bicycle approaches to the high way hole tax bicycle more, the function is well-found, accept to weigh good, campaign quantity big
MD94 Shock Dynamic Fitness bicycle
Rent PLAN 1 GRK-002s do exercise to keep fit bicycle

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Product distinguishing feature:double the spring avoid the earthquake, can make fuselage more steady, can even promote to accept a heavy ceiling, can carry the tablet employment.
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