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Two are good for the belly wheel
LIWVS Dual function Abdomen Legs mechanical
KW03 V type Roll Mark time Machine
HI-0058 omni-directional beautiful leg machine

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Product introduction: Two of this fund are good for the belly device to change, innovate on the basis that four are good for the belly device, but the function does not change, more small and more e-
Product distinguishing feature:double the function ad libitum select, the chain venter closes a leg, can fold the store, two kinds of difficulty resistances, have the electronic watch function.
Product distinguishing feature:the V type is or so to roll, look like to up fall a stair way of amount of campaign, and cut the body burden
Turn round 90 degrees and change direction, can take a step before and after making, many angles spread sports, can help you to tighten up the shank, waist and lace result.
Four samsara strength is good for the belly wheel
MAGIC Multifunction Movement Mechanical
Macrhe MC-88 3+1 Ellipse Stepper
Rent PLAN 4 MC-88 3+1 Ellipse Stepper

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Sport of enabling and drawing the abdomen is relaxedder and safer, good for the belly wheel to accepting the belly and forging the abdominal muscle result of the chain apparently.
8 kinds of workout usage have to close venter and the Jian leg multi-function merit, in addition to closing the venter can with the Jian leg, many uses exercise to more effectively work out an ideal s-
3 match 1 multi-function employment, help a rib you anywhere keep day-to-day at any time essential campaign quantity.And have the oval machine whole body band oxidase campaign result.
MKKS Armrest Oval Stepper

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Install the hand banister, stand the employment to commit the whole body band oxidase, tore down the hand banister, sit down and use to concentrate leg department campaign.
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