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Your Excellency uses this webpage or any part among them, agree Your Excellency and already read this clause and terms, and accept and agree to be restrained by this clause and terms.
This clause and terms are also applied to with the order form that the telephone or fax sent out. 
 General regulation
 In this clause and terms, the following words are defined as follows:
 The ' the customer ' means Your Excellency and all inscroll the other personages who are bought goods of registered permanent residence with Your Excellency's webpage.
 The ' intellectual property right ' points all intellectual property rights of any property, include (but not limited to) Patent, design, trade mark, database, copyright (register may by which kind of way registered already) ,And the right to file every application for registration described above.
 ' the disclaimers ' mean and will recover in new born spirit the online shop serve the applicable disclaimers.
 ' the webpage inscrolls the registered permanent residence ' to mean any customer is issued and can inscroll HOOWAYS personal password of the webpage of the shop on net and inscroll this webpage under the registration that it is handled Right.
 ' personal materials and privacy declare ' mean HOOWAYS can deal with, collect resulting personal materials policy that adopt from webpage this just, deal with the policy that adopts of personal privacy of the customer and this webpage visitor with HOOWAYS.
 The ' the price ' means the goods ordering the same day's price.
 ' the goods ' mean that offer any and goods sold on HOOWAYS online shop's webpage.
 ' HOOWAYS ', i.e. the seller selling the goods on HOOWAYS online shop's webpage.
 ' HOOWAYS online shop ' means the webpage of this Internet had by HOOWAYS, HOOWAYS offers and sells the goods to the customer through this webpage. 
 All goods that HOOWAYS sells through this webpage are sold under the restrictions of this clause and terms. Your Excellency sends out the order form on HOOWAYS online shop's webpage, require us to deal with, show clauses and terms listed that Your Excellency has confirmed when Your Excellency has already read, been clear and agreed to send out the order form.
 Clause this and terms including ' disclaimers ' with ' personal materials and privacy declare '; If stated with any other there is any discrepancy in the file with validity of the contract, subject to this clause and terms generally.

 The customer agrees to offer the intact and latest materials, in order to go through the registration formalities of this webpage.
  HOOWAYS absolutely weighs according to the circumstances, can refuse to register or stop the registration of any customer with any reason for any prospect with any reason.
 The customer agrees to pay any and inscroll the order form that the registered permanent residence sent out with their webpages, and agree to cause claim, losses and compensation for damage that any third party puts forward because any personage uses this customer's webpage to inscroll the registered permanent residence and order the goods, compensate to HOOWAYS. The customer must be responsible for upgrading registration materials offered, including it offers identification and receipt to HOOWAYS
 HOOWAYS must do everything possible to finish the customer through each order form that HOOWAYS online shop's webpage sent out, but if HOOWAYS, on the basis of any reason (including goods shortage or situation of supplying is changed) Refuse or unable to finish any order form, HOOWAYS needn't bear any responsibility to any personage at this point without exception.
 Though there is regulation of article 1.7, HOOWAYS keeps the right, when the reason in thinking any order form because of credit with full authority is not reliable, can refuse to admit this order form.
 Inscrolling HOOWAYS online shop's webpage must use the personal password. HOOWAYS is not responsible without exception in treatment of any password after the taking off machine, the customer must guarantee its personal password is kept secret strictly, in order to prevent the use without permission. HOOWAYS must try one's best to prevent any personage without permission from inscrolling HOOWAYS online shop's webpage. But if any third party uses the customer's webpage to inscroll the registered permanent residence to inscroll HOOWAYS online shop's webpage in case of not authorized, HOOWAYS needn't bear any responsibility on any relevant losses or compensation for damage without exception.
 All orders must be determined with full authority by HOOWAYS and supplied and accepted according to the stock.

 HOOWAYS must do everything possible goods price, materials and size guaranteeing to be listed on HOOWAYS online shop's webpage have already been upgraded, but HOOWAYS keeps price and other materials that the right can alter the goods, needn't make the notice.
  The goods price propagated on HOOWAYS online shop's webpage is only for online shopping. Specific for goods,whose name is especially fresh for goods, its price will changes daily,price that offer in webpage, only for reference.
  Not the size of all goods will totally accord with the description that is offered on the webpage. HOOWAYS keeps the goods that the right offered the size to be close to most according to the proximal price.
  The bill offered on the net and bill sent out finally or having differences, this may be in short supply and replacing the change of goods, very favourable, daily price and weighing the influence of the goods. HOOWAYS keep right make adjustment to bill that offer on the net, and such adjust, can list while delivering goods giving final billing of customer.
 If the customer requires and makes the modification to any order form but HOOWAYS admits, will adjust in comformity with modifications made on the price that this order form should pay; Such will list to adjust it on final bill given while delivering goods to the customer.

 Through the goods that HOOWAYS online shop's webpage ordered, do business on cash while depositing into HOOWAYS bank account or delivering goods with the cash before delivering goods.
 The terms of payment that HOOWAYS can do shopping in any time modification HOOWAYS network, modification such might by e-mail, send by post leaflet or way notified to send out notify the customer at webpage this.

 Deliver goods 
 If because HOOWAYS uncontrollable reason lead to the fact service of delivering goods have, delay or fail, deliver any, HOOWAYS needn't bear any responsibility without exception.
 The customer must offer the correct address of delivering goods, deliver goods if the address have any modification, the customer has responsibility to notify HOOWAYS immediately.
 Unless the customer especially points out to HOOWAYS, will give the goods a product to stay outside the door, and has already paid the goods cost (relevant risks must be undertaken by the customer) ,Otherwise all goods sent pair must be signed on the delivery form from customer and HOOWAYS sender admitting to accept. Customer must guarantee one reach the age of 16 or above and obtain, authorize personage that accept the goods on designated to deliver time receive goods of order form this in address of customer this already. If personage described above is not present, HOOWAYS will try to deliver goods in another designated time regeneration, but HOOWAYS can collect the extra delivery expense from this customer to keep the right.
 HOOWAYS can absolutely determine to refuse to send and pay the goods to any customer according to the circumstances while keeping the right.
 300 Hongkong dollars for more than can be enjoyed here and delivered free of charge to order goods all over.

 Alter / cancel the order form 
 The customer can alter or cancel this order form before HOOWAYS begin to deal with its order form, needn't pay any expenses.
 If the goods that the customer chose originally are in short supply, with the consent of customer, HOOWAYS can be substituted by similar goods.
  If has not got the permission of customer in advance, HOOWAYS will not substitute any goods in short supply with similar goods.

6 Maintain:
6.1 HOOWASY tenders for two years, gratis maintains(individwal product exceptio) and maintains the contents including:(head half year doesn't need the accessory fee upkeep, the head annum free returns to plant fare fee upkeep, two years, exemption from inspection checks the up - keep upkeep), HOOWASY to certain product of upkeep sticking mercy.
6.2 If not the inaccuracy normal uses a product, HOOWASY to the product of upkeep sticking mercy.
6.3 Break down as the dishonest or make false report product, HOOWASY to the product of upkeep sticking mercy.

 All risks of the goods are shifted to the customer after the goods are sent to, but HOOWAYS keeps ownership of these goods, until the cost about goods is closed.

 Send back goods /refund 
 The picture of the goods is only for reference on this webpage. Should be subject to written explanation of the goods in case of here,etc.. Reason based on that the goods do not totally conform with the online picture that the customer has no right and returning this goods.
 HOOWAYS must do the best to guarantee to deliver goods in the rational range according to the requirement of the order form accurately, if there is any difference, if the customer transfers by telegram to hooways_shop@yahoo.com.hk or telephones hot lines of using HOOWAYS (telephone number in delivering goods the last three pieces of job it: 97801060)Fax (fax number:) Declare these differences, HOOWAYS will be dealt with according to the following procedures:
 Have already damaged or already exceeded its useful life or leaked and given or had mistakes to give the goods of pair if verifying any goods are delivering, HOOWAYS must be according to returning the price about goods or changing relevant goods to the customer, but the customer must notify hooways_shop@yahoo.com.hk in 24 hours after delivering goods.
 The goods not chosen such as the customer's order form are misdelivered to this customer, HOOWAYS online shop reserves the right to fetch and should misdeliver the goods.
 Any has not obtained and sent the goods paid to pay the cost such as the customer, HOOWAYS must return the price that was once collected from the customer to this customer on this goods.
 If the customer has the fund higher than the price of this goods collected, HOOWAYS must return this customer difference.
 HOOWAYS will not make any refund or exchange goods or correct the difference situation after 7 days after delivering goods. 
 HOOWAYS any give pairs of responsibility of goods limited to hereinbefore stated refund or change goods only already. Other all remedy the method and is got rid of outside the applicable scope.
 Any refund deposits into bank accounts of this customer that lists on the registration form or returns the cash according to the choice of HOOWAYS.

 Force majeure 
 If HOOWAYS is hindered from because of ' force majeure ', can't fulfil it according to fixed responsibility of HOOWAYS online shop's webpage (Including because of the fire, disaster accident, accident, natural disaster, natural calamity, law which the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government or any government organ of it issues, order, announcement, regulations, the requirement or regulation, strike, labor dispute, worker's shortage or lacking the experienced operator, goods or raw materials shortage or insufficient in supply and transporting the delay or HOOWAYS other reasons (no matter similar to aforesaid each item) unable to control rationally And the one that cause hinders from) ,HOOWAYS should be exempted in the range hindered from fulfilling responsibility described above.

 The modifications of clause and terms 
 HOOWAYS keeps the right, can absolutely weigh and revise this clause and terms according to the circumstances according to it. The customer must be responsible for consulting this clause and terms first before sending out any order form by oneself. The order form is sent out, the customer must regard as and already accept effective clause and terms at that time.

 Allow according to the characters 
 If the translation of this text has any difference, must be subject to Chinese version.

 Applicable law 
 This clause and terms are administered by law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, customer and HOOWAYS agree to accept the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong court.

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