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  • 1:)  The arrangement of delivering goods: 
  • Do shopping or more HK$100, can enjoy here deliver free of charge
  • All do shopping HK$400 can be enjoyed here and delivered goods to the doorstep free (Except the village, subsidiary island or specific products )
  • Do shopping or more HK$200, can enjoy here exempt, post expenses (except being overseas) 
  • If do shopping under the amount of money $200, can choose Wan Chai or subway of Mong Kok to accept free inside the station.
  • The amount of money is fewer than HK$200 such as ordering, if need this shop to deliver goods in the other places, this shop will collect the delivery expense, please choose the affiliated area (Hong Kong in the column of route of delivering goods HK: $45/ Kowloon: $55/ New Territory: $65) . 
  • Beyond Hong Kong, the fee is discussed separately to deliver goods.


  • 2:)  Appoint to deliver goods in Japan / deliver goods for time (here) :   
  • Hong Kong district: In Monday, four  10am - 8:30pm
  • Kowloon district: In Tuesday, five  10am - 8:30pm 
  • New Territory district: In Wednesday, six  10am - 8:30pm 
  • *Public holiday and when the wind ball or black torrential rain signal No. 8 is hung 


  • 3:) Post and deal with: 
  • Need to transfer accounts through the bank first or after paying the bill on the net, the goods will be posted and sent in seven to 14 job it, (whether all to do shopping or more HK$300, can exempt and post the expenses abroad) If the goods are not damaged artificially, guarantee replacement in seven days, but can only change once at most. If Hong Kong customer has not received either in five days, please get in touch with us in order to follow up.  Will reserve the goods and send after we receive payment, it is accurate otherwise get first to have first


  • 4) Cut single time: 
  • Please on deliver goods 3 work heaven order before a.m. 12 hour a few days ago while being appointed  (please look out for delivering goods in Japan appointedly of every district) 
  • If order the products after cutting the form, relevant goods postpone delivering the sun to send to the next one 


  • 5) Incorrect address not quite clear:   
  • For exempt, send by post mistake is please on receive after order confirm, transfer by telegram, clear, check address of delivering goods, if need to revise, please transfer it by telegram to hooways promptly _ notifies a shop. 
  • If caused by that the address that the customer offered is not quite clear or incorrect giving and passed the delay or lost the goods, Hooways is not responsible for without exception. Customer require shop this give goods returned already to pass again for instance, shop this collect extra to deliver fee. If customer need shop this give, pass again, shop this can return net value of goods to the customer only.  


  • 6)The overseas customer posts the arrangement:
  • The overseas customer beyond Hong Kong can choose, the surface mail or sending the goods quickly, the postage is fixed on the basis of size and weight of the goods.
  • The customer needs to transfer accounts and pay the bill through paying the bill on the net or bank first, this shop ships immediately after confirming.
  • If the customer inquires that please transfer by telegram coming promptly E-Mail
  • (this shop does not offer postages, the postage will tell the customer to pay the bill by way of e-mail) 
  • (if post the course and present the delay, lose and the goods are damaged, this shop is not responsible for without exception)
  • (If customer demand, return goods, shop this collect extra postage, only can return net value of goods to the customer. )
  • 7)Maintain and the arrangement after sale: 
  • Our products are had and maintained free for half years (except specific products) 
  • If the products go wrong we will check to the doorstep free in maintenance period and maintenance, the situation is serious we will go back for factory's maintenance 
  • (the maintenance of the products excludes the special part, if need to change the special part we will make conduct charge) 







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